The story of The Village Soapworks

Three years ago if someone told me that I'd be buying coconut oil in 35 pound buckets I would have told them they were crazy. The story of The Village Soapworks really starts back in 2014.  Jackie and I were looking for some way to supplement our income as well as start something that we could continue to do in retirement.  I enjoy working with wood so we decided to make wooden pieces to sell at craft fairs and festivals. (We both love going to festivals and would walk around saying "We could do that!"). We had holiday decorations, decorated wood boxes, puzzles, recovered wood lamps, picture frames, a lot of stuff! I would assemble the pieces, Jackie would paint and decorate. After a year of that with moderate success, Jackie wanted to try soap. First she tried melt and pour soap, but that did not satisfy her creative muse, so she bought a book on cold process soap making and loved it! We began adding soap to our table of woodworking. Event by event the soap gradually began to outsell the woodworking. Then in December of 2016 we forked out the most money we ever had to have a table at a big holiday craft show, and totally flopped. The only thing we sold was the soap. After that show we sat down and decided to take our little business in another direction, change the name of the company and just sell soap. The Village Soapworks was born!

We've been in the soap business now for 2 1/2 years and have grown steadily since.  We have converted a spare bedroom in our 160 year old home into our "soap lab" and love making and selling high quality soaps. We make 40 different varieties!... and now I'm buying coconut oil in 5 gallon buckets and lavender essential oil by the quart!



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  • LeAnn Olson

    Did I see you had a shampoo bars for dogs? Is is a moisturizing soap. My favorite is lavender and lemon.

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