The Soap Season

It seems strange to me that there actually is a soap season. I mean, people take baths and showers year round, right? They wash their hands every day right. Every season should be soap season! But that's not the case. For us here at the soapworks there definitely is a season for our soaps. The season really begins for us the first of March. That's when the spring craft shows show up. At first it's slow, maybe a couple shows and scattered orders here and there. Then about midway through the month we start getting calls from our wholesale customers wanting 20, 40, 60 bars! As the weather warms up here come more craft shows and the farmers markets. You can find us at the Loveland, Ohio Farmers Market every other Tuesday! We usually try to find one or two more. As we make our way through the end of spring and early summer, the festivals and street fairs arrive! We love the outside weekend events! Good food trucks, good music, great people watching! Usually sometime late summer we again get calls from our wholesale customers. As fall approaches there are some great community celebrations and festivals out there! Holiday bazaars and craft shows begin in late fall Great events, there are a lot of talented people out there! These gift buying events start in November and run right up until Christmas. And that ends the soap season! Everything drops off. There are no fairs, no festivals, online traffic stops. Another soap season ends. Back to the lab to make some more soap!  




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